what "veritabani" is (not)

The absurdness of the word "bilgisayar" is a thing of the ignorant-construction. The case of the word "veritabani" is another sort of ignorance. Although they tried to "literally/exactly translate" the term database to Turkish, they picked the wrong word, to translate "base." The "taban of data," does not make sense, in view of what a database really is. (The bottom of data?!? The inference-base for data?!?) The American origin of the term, I may infer/guess, is to resemble a military base ("üs" is a word, if to mean that), where weapons, or the personnel are kept, and data was yet another type of [strategic] element, placed in the database ("dataüssü").

Even the word "veri" is troubled. Why translate? Most ordinary people would not know what "veri" is (a quite alien, T.C.newspeak coinage), any more than what "data" is (a foreign word). People may memorize either.

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