Who I'm, Ahmed Ferzan/Ferzen R Midyat-Zilan

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any name, for a rose

The AF/FRM-Z pattern all around, is not random. I design this. I thoroughly reflect around each name I have

I rise, in modesty, I hope -- if not the vice versa, rising is leading to modesty, even in the tiny point I reflect.

Wonderfully, elhamdulillah. When that was firmaze, and formaze, I was fond of the afrmz design I was having. Next, though, after-when I have reflected farmaze (as I already had published a page, on food) I was in awe, and I may only point at the design of Allah, affording me all these. Were all those (affirm, arm, farm, firm, form, infirm, inform, ...) waiting me in dictionaries, for a mazing?!? There, as if the Zulqarneyn, as mentioned in the Quran, who "followed a reason."

For example, after more than a twenty-year of thinking (and having as a name, for me), for/around the R® framework I had, the armaze, the arm-maze, I noticed later, is affinely R-maze. A full loop.

I publish a few portals (,, & Good for publishing in categories.

They tend to inter-relate, though. That is all right. Windows has file-links, too. Internet is.

four, for marrying me

I am not [formally] married, yet, even if Allah may have already allocated those for marrying me, eternally.

The first time I was (thoughtfully) talking on marriage, was a quarter century, ago. She/we thought, age 15 was fine. Already, I'm more than double that (born in 1969). I wonder what that friend did.

informed opinion, in forming me

That friend, at the end of that year, told me that I was not the most combative, [except as] a "gicik" (irritating).

I infer, I'm firmly rightful/stubborn in defense/repulsion [& eccentric] -- I'm not a bully, I fight bullies.

Other than these, the most memorable term was, when I was the single-digit-age boy, the"ukala" (smart aleck). Nobody told I was wrong, though. Therefore, no value there, except telling me, how other people [may not] think.

A firm attitude, fair response, and fine humor... And I'm extremely empathic, & lovefully altruist. People may confuse that with "politically correct" but I'm not PC, I'm empathic/sensitive/etc. For example, I support death-penalty, and dub myself the antisocial-against-antisocials (AAA) -- e.g: I turn empathy off, against persistent evil.

formal education

I have an A.S. degree in computer programming, and a B.A. in psychology, both from Bogazici University, Istanbul. I attribute the way I have developed, though, mostly to independent reading/thinking I have, and Islam.

In 1994 I attended GRE (Graduate Record Examination), and I had

a trench war, instead of training

Although I've also entered a CMPE (computer engineering), for an M.S., that only lead to hostilities.

I have proved the incompetence and plagiarism of copycat82, a "professor" charlatan of that CMPE dept. Thus, T.C. may save the wage they pay to him. (A favor from me, free-of-charge.)

Important Warnings

Warning: After having read me, from me, you are supposed to infer, what I would never do -- whether dead, or alive. Do not get fooled, even if they claim to be talking in my name, or even if they look like me. Please, report to me if you ever encounter such abuses of my name. Beware the charlatans.

Beware the Charlatans when You Give Away (sadaqa/infaq)

Warning: When you give away (money) to the needy (e.g: your zekat),

Beware lots of charlatans, very much unqualified -- neither to collect money, nor to represent Islam in any post.

N.B.: I Am NOT Collecting Your Money. And NOT Channeling to Anyone.

In my case, even when you are convinced with my ideas, what you should do is to apply them yourself.

Read, and if you find worth, tell/offer other people, to live with the R-world framework.

There is no money-collection need, here. I do not collect, at all! No money transfers, at all.

If puzzled, tell me your question on how to organize on your own, using your money for/around yourself

For example, to pay/help the need of a patient, or while there is any major act of God.

[For a signature,] the warning-list I [may] pulse, in each e-mail:

to avoid slandering me, and for your good ...

What I have never committed. Even if someone may tell you, claiming "in my name," or even if looking exactly like me (with aesthetical surgery, or etc.), do not get fooled by such. And also warn any if/who is fooled.

And I do not plan changing my personality (& principles) after this time, either. This web/site, is reflecting me.

In any case, for any reason, if I'm claimed to know you to the extent of sending you a "messenger," then it is wise to find me, and ask whether I have really suggested those. And reflect on what is told to you.

Also, do not get fooled by illusions/witch trickery, committed through genies (and technology), as if they were "miracle"s. Do not get fooled by the antichrist.

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