a fair response to terror/tyranny

If armaze is your regular protection, frightened is a framework, for helping remote people, who have no armaze.

The count-down for a frightened (cf. ready,set,go), is firmly founded, fully reflecting the spirit of armaze

The term frightened is deriving from

The term afraid is fitting in this framework, not only with raid as its suffix (a frightened raid). That is, the passivity while the evil is active is the frightening, but fighting that evil is less frightening -- if at all.

History is reporting müslims who were even afraid/anxious of not getting killed (as a shehid) in war. But for counting as shehid, the ready attitude is enough; to get wounded in war is not necessary. And a hadith even telling that after returning from war, the müslm may keep sawabfully living, and may get above his shehid friend.

I think, the firm armaze/frightened attitude is optimizing the other-worldly winning, too, in a few dimensions.

a fourtieth

After our armaze is starting a frightened (a folder of remote operation), that does not immediately start that afraid. With a few frightened activities at hand, there is that overlapping of timing, among various activities. Therefore, while the contributing a fourtieth (a single knight/commando of armaze) is not lessening our local defense (& may hone their fighting abilities), we may keep contributing to various causes. That is, not that single person would plan-and-go, while the others have no interest.

for more information

A few frightened, and mazloom people may co-operate, for remedying most cases.

Not all of any war is about guns and smoke. Logistics is important, and furthermore, if the issue is about a tyranny or corruption, finance-related strategies (for example, with tax-repositioning) may (or, may not) work more efficiently.

In cases, if people seen as money-making-slaves (whether through extorting or prostitution, etc), to rescue those victims/slaves may help cut the financing of that evil MAFIA/tyranny, too.

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