For Fun

Fun is fine, as far as it does not violate any rule of Allah. We may arrange a fun-marvel with a firm (well-thought) attitude, too.

Even for those people who would never need extra entertainment (except the fun/pleasure to finance/manage, or with a formaze, or with an arm, etc.), the other people in his/her/their family, may want other fun, too.


If your fun-preference, is to dance, ...

For a mild-form of dance, let it remain private. This way, it is only a family event, a fine option among the many that the married-people may enjoy. An extra may go with this, in any disco, where they may have an area/room for each family. That way, with a full-room-monitor at each room, we may dance over a mountain, or on a wave, etc. i.e: Each family may prefer their own (animated) floor/wall-paper. This is fine even at a restaurant, where the two may get from their table, to a room at the middle of the restaurant, and dance, unvisible to the other people. This is fine, unless you insist that other people also need to see you, while you dance with your spouse.

If your preference is an athletic-form of dance, then it is re-wrappable as keep-fit - in your preferred way - whether private, or public.

With Islam, to have the former is fine for family-warmth, while the latter is fine for health, and to get people ready for warfare (after the heavier forms of athletics).

The namaz/salat of Islam, is a form of choreography, too, as designed by Allah. If your pleasure is with a fine-rhythm, a reflection on namaz may improve the pleasure of that, too. This is a fine gift to find/reflect about, as namaz is already compulsory for any muslim, and it is repeated five-times-a-day, everywhere on earth, together with other people (rhythm-of-jamaat).

what a picture is worth ...

As far as I understand, Islam does not necessarily forbid the verbatim (photographs, if not obscene), or unreal (cartoon) pictures. The forbidden is the worship (super-humanize), whether to the figure/picture itself, or to the artist who painted it. As far as, the audience is able to refer to the artist as a regular human (even if with fine abilities), and refer to the picture as only a toy, or a functional fun-item, it is not a problem. (cf. hadith that lets it, for kid-toys.) e.g: It is probably fine, if the couple would want to let (the animated) flintstones dance around them, too - as far as they recognize them as only funny/entertainment cartoons.

This is the rule-of-thumb for any art performance, whether it is a major Holywood movie, or a theater-act, or poetry (e.g: To A Skylark), or another form of art (e.g: aFiRMz, when I publish it :-)).

funny? fun?: sharia-points for ice-skater, gymnastics, etc.

A third point-type, in addition to the artistic and technique, may evaluate whether the figures fit the rules of Islam. I had first thought of this as a joke, but it does make sense. The more a contestant may receive Islam-conformance, that would extend the range of its public performance, elsewhere, too. This is about the worn costumes, (together with) the figures, and whatever.

food and drink

Islam is healthy. There are restrictions about what to eat, but that leaves zillions of alternatives for our pleasure, any way. Explore the Ottoman cuisine, as a point. There are India, Persian, etc., too.

to finance the risky

This is about adrenalin, too. Risk may mean big money to earn and/or it may mean big fun events, although loss-of-money is possible, too. To invest a small share of your investment-portfolio to such risky jobs, may help your enjoyment.

e.g: To transport apples from the USA, to Japan, through marine vehicles, with a risk of tsunami/kamikaze, etc. If the Japanese reject the apples, that may need an apple-preserve or apple-pie firm/shop, too. :) Seriously.

e.g: To get low-orbit satellites, out of orbit, to reuse their space - manually (not by a remote-shot).

Note: Bankruptcy means to lose what you do not own, too. i.e: It gets worse and worse. Usury, taxes, or litigations may cause bankruptcy. In the firm-finance model that I offer, a firm may (almost) never go bankrupt, although may lose a percentage of its budget.The taxes and loans do not exist in this world-view. The litigation is not specific to a firm. Any people must think about it.

adult vs. adolescent

So often, the term "adult" is used to mean "unwilling to keep his/her trousers zipped." Such a genital-concentration, suggests adolescence, though. The adult people were supposed to manage the preference about sex, sensibly, too.

Islam is with a fair-play for sex, through marriage. Whether to marry, or not, is a preference. Next, the unmarried ought to avoid sex. The married-person may improve the relationship/love with his/her legitimate (the wife/husband). Nothing else. It does not appear to me "adult," to lose control, about sex, to the point of violation of what Allah ordered.

A marriage is an offer of a union, with reserved chastity. Sex is private, although it is not a taboo. The way of Islam, is to offer a fair-play for sex, through marriage.

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