infirmaze, as a free-market

In a free-market, to win market-popularity, every offer is in a race. There is, e.g:

affinity, for a remedy

An infirmaze-fund is with people who mind the risk of an infirmity (e.g: anti-cancer). It is the very point, to offer a remedy, for any fitting need, together.

a revenue vs. profit

If that infirmaze-function is important for the investor people, they may prefer high-revenue above high-profit. i.e: The money is less important, than the extent of reach. That is probable for

Freedom-to-choose, to customize to different wishes safer drug (vs. interaction-or-overdose). e.g: St.John'sWort vs. SNRI vs. SSRI vs. MAOI

to fit with what the buyer already has

a reputation, or not

An infirmazer-rep, with a good reputation, is probably affirmed by more infirmazer-people, who firmly-react against the unsuccessful, the less popular.

A major advantage of a free-market is that, no free-person must tolerate what goes wrong. The next time, we may work with another.


firmaze, for infirmaze

A firmaze is there, for any extra function.

Formulate: To find, found, or reform, any remedy, any people may finance any firm. This is to reinforce the weak, with the free-market - where people risk their money. This is fairly-fierce, forceful-and-ready people, who may risk their money.

Zeal, as fostered by advertisement, or fashion, too. e.g: F1-race, air-filled-wheel of Dunlop, or cola-drink. or refresh, by the firm,

Zest, offered (pointed-out, or built-anew) by the firm, to market it. (e.g: coke) to build affinity, a framework, that the product does fit (or, the firm does build-up).

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