as a framework, for [paid] welfare-work

Any infirmaze, is a free-market - in theory, open to any person. In the real-world, though, people may want to affirm a rep/mediator, to find, filter, or mediate, if they

If five people know first-aid, it is a resource-pool, when there is a need. In other cases, if they differ, with what they have, then the needed, is the affirmed rep, for that need. If other people, only pay money (i.e: no infirmaze-work), then it does resemble the well-known medic-vs-patient difference - in a free-market, though, instead of a hospital.

It is a familiar feature of R-world. For example, a formaze (e.g: a med-ed), does not differentiate people with (long-term) "occupational" labels - as a "teacher versus student." That who is ready, may teach. It is a free-market

a firm zeal, to enforce an infirm

An infirmazer-rep, is most probably, a firmazer, and paid for any

There are other probable motivators, too. For example,

need that?

A medic is an infirmaze-rep, an entry to the wide-world of infirmaze. The patient may find that entry, too, for finding the most appropriate medic, or a remedy, for a need. A med-ed is open to all. Any may do it. The advantage of an infirmaze-rep, is probably an acquaintance, and at a ratified fine-level - to find the information, quickly. That is known about chess, too (cognitive-psychology). The novice vs. the master, is the difference about the memory (with the daily work-out of example cases). When confronted with a very novel case, the master and novice may not differ. An infirmazer-rep, may interact, day-in, day-out, with the infirmaze-people, & med-ed.

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