The Oddities of the "Me-Too" People

Some may achieve, others may applaud. Yet, there is also a third category, the "me-too" people. You may call them simply jealous, but it is worse. It is a greediness, in claiming what they simply cannot, and maybe even not willing to do what they claim.

On this page, we will discuss about the "me-too" people and their oddities. The usual problem is that of centralizing the power, and expecting that the position-holders are "ideal." But the "me-too" people also do want to hold such centralized positions, even when they cannot do the job; And even when such abusive hierarchies do not exist, the "me-too" people may lobby to establish them. (I offer otherwise.)

the "me-too"-ness

The "me-too"-ness, is a tension-concept. To pronounce it with a "me" in it, with your own lips, may feel uneasy, sometimes. It may feel the same (blame), as if someone points his/her finger at you, when he/she is uttering a bad-word. But that is the necessary tension with that concept! In a world where "me-too" people exist, they do want to grab [a share of, and/or a full control of] what you own. This is only possible, if they blame/attack you, (or, the people, in general) as either

Resourceful-people, and Reward

In any area, there may exist, the wonder-people, who are the most-rewarded. Rarely, any of the wonder-people may achieve in more than a few areas, though - in a limited time of living. Therefore, even if, in theory, there were people who would win any reward, in the real world, other people may achieve, and get rewarded, too. Fine.

Then again, some people may not be always satisfied with what they already own or can, either because of

For example, there are professors. A student may like their respectability, and material opportunities - getting some of the best positions in the society, without much of a risk, such as bankruptcy, etc. But it is (supposed to be!) a lot of productivity, too. The research, and the on-going integration of new topics to the lecture material in an understandable manner may take some care and work.

But the "me-too" personality, as usually observed, believes otherwise. He/she begins with a projection in his mind, and stops there. Period. The projection is about imagining oneself as "a professor" - with "social ties" here and there. If coupled with low-ethics, then a plagiarism, and/or some corrupt behavior/organization to crush dissent, may be "only some steps" in his/her "path to success."

Incapable, Tyrannical and Corrupt
false-"good," false-"god"

The core of the label "false-god" comes from the observations of such person(s) imposing themselves upon others, and the sacrifices and the self-denials expected from the obeying people. Then, it comes only a re-iteration of the word false, when those self-important person(s) also turn out to be incapable.

The observed incapability may be exactly real, or the person(s) maybe deliberately holding back services, when a fraction of the resources they are consuming would suffice to pay for it.

A "joking"-tip-of-tyranny, is a usual trade mark. Either the position-holding "important" person or some satellite, "tips" (or, maybe shouts) the oppressive-possibilities against the objectors. That is, the oppressive person(s) expect/manipulate you to be grateful because of not being hurt "some extra way," and even be attached and subordinated, in gratitude to the smile, when you were granted one.

Of course, a cheap-"humane"ity cannot erase the whole process of wrongdoings. To buy a bagel, and to chat with the sales-boy, while the media is watching; or, to dump some extraneous, presumably "personal sounding" commentary is no good. Contrast the scale of oppression versus "humane"ity, will you?

The "Me-Too" Greed-to-Grab ...

Here is a list of what a "me-too" person may live and fight for. I put the name, as a destination-address ("me-too"), but the source addressing (i.e., "I too") is also within context, in many of such issues. When a rigid hierarchy and a resulting plunder does not already exist, a "me-too" person/people, may lobby for it. Most usually, some widely-known, position-holding, but essentially dummy "leader"(s) would represent the lobby.

Some of the cases may be specialized to some third-world countries, e.g. excessive, publicly-known bribery, and human-abuses (tortures,etc.) to strengthen the positions. Yet, other cases may be applicable wherever there is some centralization of power (uncheckable-by-others).

Legitimacy is the right-to-do. The opposite of it, the "me-too"-people, want to be granted the right about everything, even when they never qualify. The basic symptom may be those "me too" whinings, which may so often lead to exclusive-claims, too. If every right were to be considered negotiable, the aggressive, super-grabbers, may only want to enlarge their shares. e.g: Property ownership, human rights, and even your spirit. The "me too" people may leave no privacy, no personal rights. Even "human rights" might turn into a tool to oppress people - through lieful slogans.

Also, see the case studies copycat82, an Un-credible Ph.D. and A full general. And how is that serious?. Also wait (or ask) for some more content, for this page.

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