Glossary of Terms


Not difficult. Understandable, and/or realizable, with little effort.

See also: trivial, ignorant-proof.


(e-juh-rah) Paying for time of something or someone, to be able to gain its utility for the agreed-upon duration of time. Land-renting and labor-(time-)hiring are varieties of ejare.

Islamically fine. You may read details in Islamic fiqih texts.


(huh-wuh-leh) Telling someone "receive my payment to you from person-X." (assuming, of course, person-X also agrees.

Islamically fine. You may read details in Islamic fiqih texts. Contrast with, beware, sufteje


When crafting programs, building systems, manufacturing gadgets, or the similar, you may have to consider the "never-imaginable" errors, the "unlikely case"s, too. Such cases may need either solving, or documenting, to protect such people from themselves, and/or to avoid litigation.

An ignorant may jump-dive at, what a knowledgeable person may filter out, in a moment. This is possibly a surprise, time to time, for the more well-thought person, when he/she finds out such a case of "impossible ignorance," "impossible thoughtlessness."

See also: trivial, easy.



Investment/Commerce agrrement between capital and labor suppliers. The percentage of the resulting yield/profit is specified in the agreement. In case of loss that does not let even the base capital be recovered, the laborer does not get anything.

Islamically fine. You may read details in Islamic fiqih texts.


(soof-ta-jah) Giving money to someone and demanding that it be paid back at some other place.

Three of the four widespread Islamic (sunni) fiqih sects consider sufteje to-be-avoided because they judge it as an advantage received in return for lending money.

Islamically to-be-avoided. (At least, for the purposes of a general system because only one sect accepts it.) You may read details in Islamic fiqih texts. Contrast with hawale.


Understandable and/or realizable, without any real effort.

Time to time, an ignorant person can commit such an error that, you may have to revise what you would call trivial. In the circle of well-qualified researchers, or well-qualified technicians (who could read, and program with, specifications), though, what is trivial, is trivial. In other words, there is a bottom line, a threshold, where we would not consider anything below it as competence, at all - instead of thrashing our concepts of achievement, competence, etc.

See also: easy, ignorant-proof.

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