When A "Little Fish" Goes to School ...

the model for learning, in the world-view I suggest

anti-abuse strategies

Protocols Against Intrusions of Privacy

In fact, the very initial step of being a successful, and probably imaginative student, for 20-25 years of our lives, may suffice to be identified as a target of bugging/invasion. Your submitted-for-grades only projects let being identified. It is otherwise, rarely, profitable for the student. It may be profitable for the assigning academician, though, if it is filling a part of a project - and maybe in multiple versions, choosing the most successful.

The especially unwantable possibility is some malicious use of those personal records and project successes. Especially, while you are still small fish, even if 25 years old, some others may steal and integrate your share of inventions/productivity into their own. My life-time education and publishing strategy suggestions already, together, deal with the problem in a major part. You learn as you produce, and need not report to any centralized institution, until you want to register your contribution, and then you network to find its relevance to others. When some similarity/theft/plagiarism occurs, it is noticeable before it gets far.

We may, as individuals, network against theft.

This is discussed, on the page Strategy: flight and fight. Later, I may add further links, if I publish other types of strategies, about other aspects. I would list them here, too.

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