When people talk of armageddon, it is as if they expect the forces of the two sides to clash in battlefields. That may occur, too. But first, we must find the all-evil crew of the antichrist. Until then, they would not be possibly, in any of the wars we know, out there. Instead, the foretold-news of chaos to be spread by the antichrist, suggests that, the antichrist might stealthily manipulate people, to beget chaos. The theory I state, about the witchcraft of the antichrist, the mind-control, fits this overall picture.

the white-fitne vs. the black-fitne

The mind-control explanation is especially fit, in a world with centralized institutions. This suggests yet another hadith, as the possible armageddon scenario, or as the entrance of it. The hadith refers to two kinds of fitne, in those last-times (any fitne is a test, through the turmoil/confusion when/where people cannot grasp the overall picture, when to prefer something). The hadith informs that, the fitne will come with both bad/evil urges, and with restraint/patience. The bad/evil urges, the black-fitne, brings grave problems, whereas the restraint, the white-fitne is easy for those who prefer it.

The hadith about black-vs-white-fitnes, exists in "Ramuz-ul-Ehadis."

The concept of the black fitne suggests very much, what I point out, about the cancer of centralized institutions, with people who yearn to grab higher-posts, even when they do not qualify, at all. They clash, to gain control of collected, public treasury/taxes. Even worse is the possibility that, the antichrist and his all-evil crew may have carved the hierarchies, to control all states, whether by personally grabbing the seats, or through mind-control, or possibly, both of them.

The good force, the white-fitne to save ourselves, is most probably, if not exactly, with what I describe at zElQarneyn's as an Islamic world-view. I offer a world, where the right-holders, prefer for themselves. We do not limit our reaches, but we are never jumpy, either. No excess dominance-aspirations. We know ourselves. For example, armaze fights against security-threats, through formed mazes of trust. In representation, we do not vote people to be virtual kings. We may take exceptions to their votes when they represent us. We may let multiple people to represent us in a variety of topics, instead of chop the world with strict political-party-lines.

With this kind of (principled) restraint, we may even improve faster, not the vice versa. When we drive, we may drive faster, if we know we can stop, when we should. Holding to our own resources/reaches, may afford faster, as well as healthy, developments.

What may Jesus (a.s.) do?

The last prophet is Muhammed (s.a.s.) He founded a state, and discussed many intricacies of managing it, too. Although muslims have founded many other state-structures, possibly inspired by the empires they conquered, I affirm the original Islamic state, when I offer my Islamic world-view.

Muslims acknowledge that Jesus (a.s.) was a real prophet, and a human - born to a virgin mother. Jesus (a.s.) had not built a worldly-state. When he returns, it does make sense to expect him to adopt/suggest an Islamic world-view - the way Muhammed (s.a.s.) built. The view I offer, suggests that there is no other way out, any way. i.e: To win in this world, and/or in the other, this is the win-win strategy. Why should Jesus (a.s) do anything else?

What about the antichrist?

We are already warned, through Islam, that the antichrist (ed-deccal), would claim to be the God, and he would cause a lot of chaos (fitne), throughout the world. We are informed that most people would believe him, except the knowledgeable. If it were an open claim, in fact, most people would readily reject it. Therefore, I consider the current case as more fit, to the expected turmoil, which is resistible/rejectable by the knowledgeable, faith-keepers. We have to filter out any absurd, unreligious suggestions, which appear in our minds, as if it were a "religious calling." Such occurs, possibly because of the antichrist's fake callings.

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