2002. Hell-Tax:
Spread HIV (AIDS), because of "humanism?"

If an illness (epidemic) is not curable, although the death-rate of patients is decreased, that means the epidemic is likely to spread wider. Especially, if even the millenia-old cautions, such as quarantine-cities, get noisily objected, as "insensitive." i.e: The old way is suppressed, but there is no new way out of the epidemic, either.

Hippocratic Suicide? The Hippocratic-oath does state "not to kill" a patient on-purpose. The wrong-extrapolation of it may suggest to avoid death, whenever possible. But now, that interpretation is in a crisis to backlash, instead, to increase (death) contamination in population.. Couple that, with news-reports that safe-sex practices tend to be ignored.

It may take a second, or two, to contract AIDS, there - in an office, or school. But we cannot quarantine them away, even when they carry AIDS? (It is not so "lonely," in an age, when a lot of people socialize through internet & chat, and especially, if they sincerely consider themselves "gay." Why cannot they enjoy themselves, away, out of public?)

If your state, is one of those which support AIDS-drugs, with your taxes, now you know what you support. It is an AIDS-hell, pumped-up through that tax that you paid.

At least, let those date-rate-improvers only to those people who accept to live in some quarantine-city - until cured, if that drug can achieve that, at all. Or else, it is date-to-death, when AIDS people go on to date, in society; The longer time their public-contacts, the more people may contract AIDS, to let spread the epidemics. The isolation is needed, whether such drugs were produced with any state-fund, or not. An epidemic-spread is essentially a biological-terror.

Any state, if really concerned, may support research for preventive-medicine (e.g: vaccines, or any that may remove viruses out of even contaminated blood samples, the way chlorine does for water).

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