2002. Craving $Health, in an Ex-state

This page, is to list the problems-of-currency, as (unfortunately) widely-known, about the health-systems, world-wide, in the year 2002 (if not, plus/minus decades, too):

An infirmaze is a free-market remedy, in a world, where even the free-market people (too-often) have attempted to "solve problems" by increased-centralization - not to mention the "me-too" people (the bureaucracy- and/or jealousy-people).

An infirmaze (infirm-maze, from R-world), is a free-market, to have welfare right,

The remedy is built-in, and it is tax-free. An infirmaze is, the very R-world itself, as rendered, and viewed from a welfare view-angle. If there were no such concept as "public welfare," I would not probably even refer to it, as a problem - except, about an infirmaze-fund. With infirmaze, I only point out the recipe, again.

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