2002. An Obsession with Drugs, in an Ex-state

The Generic-Drug Wars

The issue is about research, and industrial-spywars.

If you listen to the arguments of the copiers, and if you were a prime-minister to build a bridge somewhere, you may postpone it, to build two bridges later, instead. In the mean time, let the generic-producers do research with that money, given that it is "a lot of profit."If they acknowledge (or, think) that, research is so profitable, why would they not research, at all? Is it risky, or what?

It sounds as a version of the tragedy-of-commons - where the "publicly-owned" is grabbed by all, to extinction. If the researcher would not profit - even after having found a remedy, what would finance the unsuccessful cases?

What is the way out of "underdeveloped nation" status, if not research?

Even if a third-world nation is a poor-market, how is that an excuse? Would the European, or American, patients, not buy a useful drug? It is international.

Some supporters of generic-drugs, even "accuse?" the researcher-companies, with a statistics that, they spend more money to management-and-marketing, than research? What is the alternative? Assume the role of "research cows?" i.e: Do the research yourself, and let the generic-drugs people do the marketing?

Other slogans appear strange, too. e.g: Some people list the population death (U.N. numbers), through old epidemic-types. Do they all need "new drugs," or is it some other problem? AIDS/HIV is certainly "some other" problem - whether committed in promiscuous "baths," or in in careless blood-stations, etc.

food vs. old drugs vs. new drugs

The way I prefer, is not to rush at new-drugs, really. I only pointed out the rightful, as I notice it. It is their fight, among themselves. To rush at the newest drugs, unless with a very good reason, would mean to enlist yourself in the test-subjects category. The wide-spread, and cheap, availability of the newest anti-biotics (I suspect) may even contribute to the bacteria tolerance against anti-biotics - as we know people with a big tendency to get an anti-biotic - whether a (well-thought) medic would prescribe it.

I prefer food the most (as medicine, too). Next, I may prefer the older drugs, whether produced by the original researcher, or (after the patent period) by the generics, too.


If (public) drug-tolerance, esp. about anti-biotics, is a problem, then anti-biotics ought to imitate psychotic drugs, in prescription, and even visit, door-to-door, for example, by an anti-biotic-presenter (a nurse, etc.) may fit as extra service. (Or, a gadget that would inject, only if the DNA of the target is the DNA of the person, recorded in the firmware/ROM of that gadget, and it may buzz, too, if it is time for the drug.)

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