2002. The Cost, "to Avoid the Cost," in an Ex-State

It is high-cost "to avoid high-cost," if it is the paid money, that must suffice.

How is an infirmaze-fund, not an insurance company?

An infirmaze-fund is a world-wide, free-market-friendly, insurance "company," or the friendly infirmaze-people, who recognize each other, and maze, working together, although not as a single corporation that tallies your illnesses with a policy-math.

The insurance-company may offer preventive-medicine help, too. That does resemble infirmaze. i.e: The insurance-corp, if it may transform itself to a firmaze, and preferrably, if any firm that it may found, would recognize R-world (or, infirmaze), too. e.g: farmaze (for healthy food), and armaze (against epidemics, and terror).

infirmaze vs. insurance-payments
reminiscent of a firmaze-vs.-loans

That may resemble the case of an (investment) bank, as a fund. Instead of giving loans to corporations, a fund may found a firm, for every request (every project-proposal), they want to honor. A bank-loan (vs. firmaze), or an insurance-payment, were the old-economy (corporate & shareholders) way of doing these things. The well-isolated, fine-modularity of R-world is the finer way. (Not really the "new" way, though, as it is millenia-old, proven-value, international-commerce, and it is Islamic, too.)

An insurance-corporation, is about a policy, based around one type of questionnaire (check-list), or another. The people, all the people who subscribe (or, if it is the state, then all the citizens) pay, whether there is the least of a troubled person, or not. Whenever there is the most of the trouble, the insurance-corporation may altogether go bankrupt. i.e: It is problematic, unless there is a predictible-statistics, where people all want to share the burden, too. An improved, fine idea, with insurance is the preventive-medicine support, as far as an insurance-corporation may arrange, to reduce cost, ahead of time. i.e: There is a resemblence, to tip transforming an insurance-corp, to infirmaze, as an infirmazer-rep - with firmaze.

the insurance-function
... with-or-without an insurance-corporation ...

An insurance-corporation is a "top-view" attempt. i.e: It is as-if a government, run by some statisticians. Therefore, it is fitting to reflect about affirmaze, for an infirmaze remedy, too. And here again, the remedy is not the "top view" (cf. social engineering), but the reverse, the vantage-point view of the infirm-people themselves. An insurance-corp, may transform itself, though, to act as an infirmazer-rep, for any risk-area.

Further Reading

An infirmaze (infirm-maze, from R-world), is a free-market, to have welfare right,

It is to avoid the problems which existed in 2002. Craving $Health, in an Ex-State.

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