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The Arabic word sheytan (shay-tun), or a satan, means that who is [excessively] hurtful evil. The satan is that way. In fact, the satan may be taken as only an example of the agent-provocateurs. It is to mess with the sensitivities and/or the weak points of people, to hurt them, and/or to hurt other people through them.

The agent-provocateurs's sarcasms attack, with some knowledge of the sensitivities of the victims, to trigger outrage. A trivial-but-effective suck-mess-suck cycle, is a tool to hurt people. An agent-provocateur is maybe in a social-encounter (a secret agent), and/or a (stealthy) witch-being, to:

  1. suck: to learn the sensitivities of the victims. (e.g: pride(kibir/ucub-proneness), vulnerability/tabooes, etc.)
  2. mess: craft scenarios to agitate/provoke them
  3. suck: to learn about the accrued criminal-cases, along with the newly-established sensitivities at the next-step. e.g: when the initial outburst leads to a prison, or while in a public protest, to learn about new evil-opportunities to enable new agitation-scenarios.

The sarcastic scenarios may be expressed mainly in two ways, to provoke a victim to show his/her "natural hostility," with his/her outbursts:

Such scenarios may be intricately-crafted intrigues, but in fact, they need all and only, an evil-will to hurt people, to gain whatever. The (known) cases appear to be trivial, otherwise.

an existential-crisis, solved by problems of others

An agent-provocateur is a tool. To let people cling at "the state" even when it is tyrannical and/or corrupt, a bit of chaos, may be stirred. That "justifies" the existence of that tyranny. A similar, widely-known alternative is war with neighbor countries, at which times, any resent is "unpatriotic" - even if it may not relate to war.

In practical cases, it is not easy to investigate whether some anarchy is there, because of provokations of external powers, or by the state, itself. That is why the published news-analyses, so often, involve a lot of possibilities of intrigues.

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I have a world-view, anti-abuse. This is a free-form, world-wide view, instead of need-to-yield to some central authorities. e.g: I have armaze to avoid, and/or to fight against security-threats. The agent-provocateurs may never be employed in an armaze.

The world-view I offer, avoids any centralization. No such need. Therefore, it flushes away, any stately-provocations to gain extra-control. Furthermore, there is no central point to be "conquered," and/or corrupted, by some external enemies, either. Instead, I offer a firmly principled world, where every resource is managed by the owner of it, where any (unrightful) hurtfulness is punished. I reflect that, this may resemble the armageddon, too.

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