Formaze & Firmaze
for Women

Half of the world population. What I have written about the big-bad education-system which existed in 2002. Education in an Ex-state, is even worse, in the case of women. Many critics, in the westernized world, keep suggesting that the existence and/or special interests of women are denied. i.e: It is claimed that either "the scientific enterprise is male" or it is simply managed with male-dominance. This is strange, especially, when a half of the world-people (who consume, too) are females.

Women may formaze for a re*education, and this is together with a firmaze, too. If she may present even a single form (lecture-hour) , she is a ready contributor, and if she would prefer to learn anything, through any form, she is a ready audience.

For example, this is possible, even for those women who weave rugs, all day, for a pay. If knitting eight hours a day, each may spare an hour's earnings for their formaze-plan, that day. Another person, or two, may prepare a lecture, instead of knitting that day, and get an hour's pay from each of the audience. e.g: If there are eight or more, in the audience, this is that day's earnings for a single formazer (form-presenter). If two people, prepare at a library together, they may either present a form together, or two different forms, with (probably) supplementary content.

Such a strategy is available, in almost anywhere in the world, especially where there are libraries, internet, etc. but gathering the material for a learning-experience is not feasible, most of the time. Lecture materials may include hands-on experiments that they know their friends would like to do. Each lecture-hour is a possible seed for research, thereafter - if any ideas develop, for experiments and/or for further learning, or publishing.

For women, I think, fine starting points are either the popular, well-sought (money-making, or money-saving) topics that they have an interest with (e.g: the food-science, varieties of computer-programming, etc.), or altogether the issues that may interest mostly, or only, themselves, women-as-the-researchers - whether for self-development, entertainment, or for their family, etc. The possibilities for such research-and-lecture topics are limitless.

The important point is that, this fits even the most conservative families, as far as the learning is valued. This is the case with Islam, where learning (the ilim) is extremely valued - both for males, and females. Women, networked for learning and research, are able to both, keep their sincereity (without a possibility of harassment), within a circle of their family, and their female friends, and furthermore, they avoid that western line-of-disputes, about the unfairness against women, in research and education.

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