Technologies to Read/Modify Thoughts

Availability of brain-reading/writing is public knowledge, at least since, 1976, with a patent. It is an "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves." (USPTO 3,951,134 )

[Opto-]Electronical Transgressions through Soul-Shots

The phenomenal concept of "soul shots" is about the mechanism to merge two souls. This is interactive, basically symmetrical. Compare that to a telephone-call. But when there is a transgression, that is, when one side (the transgressor) attacks the other (the victim), it is analogous to a bullet-shot to a shot-target.

Although the patent points at computer-processabiliy of such brain-waves, it does not probably take any "artificial intelligence," when/if an evil game-player simply yokes two victims together - or, yokes an operator-evil, with a victim. Such brutal games may leave no privacy to a victim - with a lot of all-evil scenarios, probably to follow it.


A search through USPTO boolean search, with the key 3,951,134, finds that patent. (Since then, a few other patents have referred to it. The search finds them, too.)

The patent was filed on Aug.5,1974. We do not know, how back in time, the invention goes, before it was filed.

Necessarily Evil?

With a mind-reader technology, I myself, would think of a think-to-type (without keyboard) software/GUI. But then again, I have never attempted to mess with anybody's internet-site, either. When those waves travel around, and/or if the (mind-reader-typist) gadgets get connected to the Internet, all those malicious attacks (internet worms, tempest attacks, etc.), which breach privacies, now may meet even our brains. That is all-evil.

We must heavily regulate such technologies. We must inform the public - never to be tucked away somewhere, used at the whims of some self-important, spoiled bureaucrats, whether they were called scientists, or otherwise.

That means, a published-patent, is not necessarily worse than, an invention which is told "to colleagues, only." What makes such colleagues any ideal humans, with perfect mores? Now, at least, the public may know what catastrophical possibilities exist out there, and we may study to set up shelters/alarms to avoid them, and/or to fine-tune our anti-abuse strategies against such witch-attacks which use technology.

The distributed/published content should inform about the possibilities, and should enable monitors/shelters, and/or removal of attacks. i.e: Not to enable intrusions which cannot be monitored or removed. (At least, read this page, first.)

the G-rate Equalizer?

What does the patent relate to, in human-organism terms? I have not found any sources about it, yet, but it may work because of an averaged-state of the (matched) G-proteins of the two organisms. Thereby, they feel the same, and think the same, when manipulated, with yokes of soul-shots.

Even if that hypothesis about G proteins may not verify, a second "G," the 'g'enies would fit, because since millenia such phenomena were known, but that was about genies. That patent is a genies-rate intrusion, available to humanity. There, we find the equal opportunities, as genies had, to be evil as trouble-maker witch-beings do, or to avoid such excesses, and keep good, as we do.

There is even a third "G," somewhat reminiscent of G proteins. The gate of a FET (field effect transistor). It controls the flow, through the circuit. This fits, even when there is no other victim or operator, but a computer compensates the levels of electricity.

even without any insider knowledge

The pages I publish about these, avoid any insider knowledge. This may not inform about every possibility, but it provides a robust case. I warn and formulate strategies.

This is enough, feasible and easy - without running, and turning around so fast, until we were dizzy. An extra bit could hurt public-credibility, even when it is true. We could be at a loss, to find the proofs. The intricacies of the intrigues need not concern us, especially if they would make the conclusions beg the reader's trust.

But to learn further possibilities, the readers may want to read other web-pages, too. For example, a Yahoo!Search, with "ELF wave" as the keywords, found a few pages, e.g: the page wave warfare refers to quite a few points, and cases. Another page, points at the patent we now discuss, and it also refers to invisibility, as an extra, insider knowledge/claim. By contrast, I take the public path, and show that, even without any unvisibility-technology, the patented invention could be catastrophically intrusive, in a variety of ways.

SLP waves

Another patent, speaks to auditory-cortex. That means, even without any audible sound-source, the targeted bra,n may hear voices, either as ordinary sounds, or subliminally (as SLP). The patent is "Hearing device" (USPTO 4,858,612 ).

It was first filed in 1983, and published in 1989. This refers to the first patent, therefore the first search lists this patent, too.

Relief with Monitors

How may we avoid such attacks? At the least, at important cases, the people may wear helmets or suits to avoid and/or alarm-about any such extra waves. This is very easy, for such important cases as [fighter-jet] pilots, or soldiers may wear them. An armaze may fortify/monitor its fort, against such wave-warfare, too.

Even when avoidance is not possible, as with the case suggested about the point-to-point energy-transfer (superpotential theory), the availability of the mind-reader patent, lets the armaze to alarm the victim, about unnormal variations in his/her brain. This is very easy. It is reminiscent of the ordinary alarms to avoid thieves, at houses.

e.g: If at a combat, the pilot's brainwaves are significantly different than his/her ordinary patterns, at other combats, and/or at other flights, then it is a possible sign of external attacks. A feedback may, at least, avoid being puppetized, although it may grab a bit of concentration, any way. Such readines must get recognized as a regular possibility, when the pilots work/fly, at airforce-centers.

If the waves are avoidable with shelters, that is fine. Otherwise, if the source of the point-to-point soul-shots waves are located, that is fine, too. Then, the armaze may fight against its source - either act itself, or refer the case to other, friend, armazes, near that source.

An extra-help, to our minds, in the form of anti-attack compensation, is possibly a difficult idea, to manage, but in extreme cases, a helper may help the victim to keep authentic. This is reminiscent of what the Islamic mystics (sheiks) have offered their students, to fight against whispers of the satans - to urge (obsessions and/or compulsions) to sins. Beware the charlatan sheiks, though. (e.g: No real Zilan sheikhs out there, since about 25 years.) This was the problem, since many centuries. Let's not invent such fake-solace centers, to "combat" electronical-witch-beings, now. I would suggest helpers from wives, family, friends, etc. At the least, a fighter-pilot may designate his/her helpers (other fighter-pilots), to help him/her against any evil urges (obsessions and/or compulsions), remotely, after an alarm.

I formulated these ideas/strategies, without being limited to any known technologies of attack. In a specific attack, if a particular attack-type is known to be the case, once noticed, that is removable, too. e.g: If an electro-bug exists within the fort, that bug may be crushed. That is all.

e.g: A chemical is possibly wipeable, if its composition, and the solvent to remove it, is known. etc. etc.

How Many Ways To Shoot a Target?

This subsection is not finished, yet. Let me do the research. But, I list a few pointers, here.

I may prefer not to publish the intricacies of the technologies even if I find out their feasibility. I may publish only whether any specific alternative is possible. I may publish about the case, to the extent to enable, a monitor/shelter, and/or removal of attacks.

Even the patent-text may suffice, at least, in such contexts as court rooms, if the transmitters were located to address the (fixed) seat(s) of the judge, and/or the other speakers (during testimonies). A very cheap radio-receiver/transducer may be attached to any vehicle, to receive radio-waves, next to emit ELF- or micro-waves. That is similar to a electronical-bugging as widely known, but with newer effects.

implants: physics, chemistry, biology

These may sound stranger (science-fiction'ish), but an implant, possibly inserted when the victim was "napping," may install any of such triggers. e.g: Cells-at-scalp (hair-movement surgery is a well-known practice, here it is to be adapted to insert an implant/biosensor, at the scalp), or chemical (paint) to change the electrical-characteristics of the skin, liver, brain, etc. (thereby, the addressability, even while among other people).

jailing-in-your-genes? Even possibly, the person's DNA may be addressable. Rarely any two person look the same at the face. There may be many variations throughout two organisms. If this DNA (genetical) difference is sortable/addressable with electronics, that may be addressable. If that does not suffice, there is the genetical-thinkerers. A specially-tuned organism, and/or biochemical, may be swallowed, as a marker. Nicotine was reported to relate to serotonin receptors. Such mimicry, may be what the swallowed substance, as long as they last within the body, may do, too.

super potential theory

This is a reported physical phenomenon/capability to transfer energy from point-to-point. As such, it would not be avoidable by any shield. The monitors I suggested in the previous frame, may resist even this, though.

The super potential theory is attributed to a paper by E.T.Whittaker (1904).

remote wave-realization

Is it possible to intricately weave a full (three-dimensional) room/area, with waves? With many sources, coupled with waves-superposition, they add or subtract at each other. Computers may process it, but I do not know the processing times for the state-of-the-art, real-time animations. With few targets, and especially if they stand widely apart, it is probably easier to address them with quite few computations, and few wave-angles. This is not impossible. Not probably difficult, either. It is about what cases, cost what computations.

Multiple wave-sources, at multiple sides, may help. The human-perception is not so fast, any way. 25 to 50 visual frames suffice to convey an impression of a smooth visual flow, and electrical signals (action potentials) travel rather slowly.

In a stadium, if we can watch an athlete run, several wave-shooters may follow him with wave-shooters. It is quite short-range, too.

ELF-through laser

Laser-based listeners to listen to sounds within a distant room, through its windows, is public knowledge. ELF is just below sound waves.

The laser-listeners which shoot-and-gather to/from windows, can do ELF-waves, too, similar to sound-wave-intruder laser which is (widely?) available. The DVD-players already contain laser technology, and with a lot of options, and technologies. The laser-technology to gather/read the sound-waves out of windows does not sound really any more advanced, except a shift of the terrain to read. Rather than a DVD in a drive, it shoots-and-gathers through the surface of a window. It is plain laser beams, or maser, possibly infrared, and possibly with tunneling (such as with scanning-tunneling-microscobes) that passes through wavelength limits, to obtain finer precision.

Further Reading

This page is about technologies of privacy-intrusion. With these, a bozo, or a pair of bozos, may mess with their victims, 24-hours-a-day, to collect data, and/or to apply mental pressure. This is only an extension of the old technologies such as installed-microphones, or binoculars which agents were used to. Such abuses (trouble-maker witch-beings) might exist in a world-wide context, too. I offer my anti-abuse strategies, for relief. The work continues, yet.

Wait for the next pages, and for more. They continue from the above referred-to pages:

magnoon is to discuss about no-feedback uses of attacks. Essentially, they hurt, but do not build anything on it. Similar to a poison. Such maybe committed through opto-electronics, genies, voodoo, or whatever.

a new brand of SS-TROOPS? This is about empire-builders, or "researchers" (kids of Mengele?) who commit such attacks, to concentrate people, to manipulate the masses. Even when it is an attack to a single human, the case is about a larger-context puppetization, with installed triggers, to manipulate the victims.

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