Magnoon, Magnoonx

Who is magnoon?

It is popular to refer to any person, who acts strange, or tells about unvisible, unmeasurable phenomena, as magnoon (maj-noon). (noun; adjective.)

The term, originally, reflects a belief that the (schizoid) magnoon-symptoms appear, as outward signs of some genies attacks - also called a genies-possesion. The case where the particular genies may be the satan (& Co.), is called a satanical-possession.

We are informed, by Islam, that the angels are always good. But, the genies, similar to humans, may prefer good or evil. Although we are not able to always tell even whether a (visible) human is meant to do good, or not, it is still inferrable that, if a genie imposes magnoon-symptoms on a (visited) victim, and/or if it tells lies, such as told by the deadroids, then it is an evil genie.

In cases where, the genies/deadroids tell lies, that means you may believe in some wrong faiths, about the form of eternal existence, etc. In such cases, even when the victim may not consider it that way, he/she is a victim - being fooled.

Any visit is an attack, if the visited, the victim, does not want it, and/or if he/she was brainwashed until he/she agreed with it.

What is a genies-attack? (Victim =?= Magnoon)

Even the works of some dead composers or artists, may be transcribed by deadroids through the visited-medium, as those published by Ms. R.Brown, who was told by those deadroids that, they were the spirits of Franz Liszt, Vincent Van Gogh, etc. How were those deadroids able to grab those secret works, when those composers/painters were alive?

Now that, the secrecy of all of them were breached, we would call them victims. Their private works were stolen, and their lives were known too, of course. But would we call them "magnoon," too? Except VanGogh, most of them may not have shown any symptoms of magnoon'ness. Although they were closely watched, they probably never noticed it.

We may list these possible categories:

It is quite obvious that, intrusions of privacy, very especially, if witch-beings, the third party "human"s, exist, is a serious problem. It is a manageable problem, though, to an important extent, especially, if you know what to do.

Who is magnoonx?

When the source is specifically the genies, we may keep the term, as magnoon. In other cases, the extended term magnoonx may fit, when we mean those symptoms themselves, because the same magnoon/magnoonx-symptoms may be invoked, through a variety of other means, too. To list a few:

I interpret that in the most extensive sense, and lump any unexplained, and/or unavoidable problem. e.g: Poisons, microwaves, or human-energy, may be difficult, if ever possible, to notice and/or to avoid. Until we find out and avoid the source of the problem, we refer to the victim as magnoonx.

Do we need to know the trouble-maker?

The specific source of the symptoms, is not necessarily important - unless there is a quick way to get rid of it. e.g: To burn the genies, may instantly get rid of a genies-attack. But if the problem lingers, it might be because of yet other genies who attack, and/or it might not be about genies, at all. Then, magnoonx, is the right term.

The term magnoonx is an important concept, whatever the source of the symptoms. There are human-ways to resist, remedy, and/or iron out most, or all, problems. e.g:

An unexplainable problem, in most cases, if not always, has something to do with the human physio-psychology, or the human immunity. Even when we do not know the source of the problem, or if we cannot heal it, as with cancer, and most other illnesses, the human-response may revoke, or avoid it altogether.

Keep your morale high, and also pray to Allah, the God, for a remedy. A firm manner, e.g: the hardy personality as an example construct, refers to a healthy human response.

Does magnoonx mean "crazy" ?

The magnoonx symptoms may be stressful, because of any of the personality-shifts, obsessions-compulsions, or sensation-perception phenomena. The possibility of onset of any illness, such as schizophrenia, coronary problems, stomach problems, or any other psychological-pressure-and/or-hypnosis-related problem, is a matter of inclination. This is the well-known diathesis-stress model, as I adapt to the magnoonx cases. That is, we would not categorize all of such people as "crazy." That is not the DSM IV suggestion, any way. (DSM IV is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, of American Psychiatrical Association.) As long as the magnoonx is well-mannered, well-reflecting, living-healthy, he/she is not categorized as abnormal, even if he/she reports paranormal cases.

The capability to notice what is stupid, within his/her own thoughts, is a sign of mental-ability, and muslims already do expect such stupid, stressful thoughts, as we know that the satan does exist, and it is the eternal stupid, the eternal loser, which attempts to invoke mind-confusion, with a variety of nasty thoughts.

Without even any other source of attack, the existence of the satan suffices to base the magnoonx concept, and to fight our (internal) war, the-major-jihad. This millenia-old concept of soul-searching as a war, simplifies the thinking about it - until, if, we may notice that, there may exist some other sources, maybe humans, in which case, that is again simple, as we then, know our enemy.

Who is "Calling in?" And Why?
Meet the Un-Credibles

This page is only about the symptoms, and the remedy, at the personal level. The page A New brand of SS-TROOPS?, is about its probable world-wide context, where such cheaply-available technology, may water the mouths of a lot of tyrannical-and-corrupt clans (whether ethnic, and/or other-interest). It is an empire, unless we notice. The page the antichrist's fake calling is about an example case.

Here, the issue to consider is not about the observable effects, but whether it is only a personal-disturbance, or it is also an attempt by some abusers (or, some witch-beings) to grab some illegitimate advantages, and/or to puppetize the victim [in a longer term] with the installed (psycho-)triggers. In the latter case, it is a quite involved issue, with its extra hooks to wage systematic attacks, which encompass daily social lives, and also the important centers-of-the-society.

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