Avoid the Deadroids

Quran and the hadiths of our prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.), acknowledge the existence of genies. Therefore, muslims accept them as a reality - although they are not visible, in most cases.

Even among those who believe genies to be "only folklore," we may find a lot of them who believe in "bodiless spirits," or the "spirits of the dead" which they believe to visit mediums. There exist reports-of-phenomena. They can be explained as genies-which-impersonate-dead-humans, though, i.e: the "deadroid"s.

This is different than the concept of immortality (as with shehids). The genies, or the "deadroid"s, [mostly] visit through their intrusion of humans (alive medium humans), whereas an immortal, when/if he/she visits/responds, it is in his/her own shape/body, as a human-being.

Q: What is a Deadroid?


I refer to those genies which claim to be "spirits of dead people," as "deadroid"s. This is a tongue-in-cheek term, to point out their lieful claims, the hoax, the games they play. It is analogous to the mythical "android"s, the machines which appear-like humans. A "deadroid" is a genie, which attempts to impersonate a dead person - although it is alive, and not a human.

The simple method to prove the deadroids-as-lieful-genies, is that there exist cases where such "spirits" have been burnt by genies-burners, and if we confront any such "spirit" with genies-burners, why should we believe in anything else such as "spirits-of-dead?"

As a published text, about genies-as-deadroids, refer to "Hadis ansiklopedisi, Kütüb-i Sitte, (by I.Canan). vol.3, pp.232-250, Akcag-Zaman." especially the pages 236-239.

That is about the hoax that there exist so many cases where the "souls of the dead" visit the mediumic types. There are reports that, in fact, such is a case of the genies, and probably the satan itself, telling you lies, and even providing very private bits of information out of that specific dead-person's life. It is not the real dead, as such, but a "made-up" pseudo-existence of that dead. I refer to it as a "deadroid" in analogy to "androids" as human-look-alikes.

It is reported that, the genies live upto 1500 years, and the range of such "deadroids" going back in time, is reported to be limited to this 1500 years, at most.

Note: Although satan, itself, is also reported to be involved in such trickery, and has lived a much longer period, such an observation of a limitation within 1500 years, might be because of the limited knowledge, by the satan, about the intricacies of personal histories. In other words, the satan might conspire/help calling its comrades in/out, during a session, but does not have a memory itself, to keep all the information, about all the past.

Genies, with their long-lives, and intrusion with people, know secrets and styles of old-timers, now dead, people. Next, they introduce themselves as "bodiless spirits"

Correlate this with the published-works, transcribed by, Rosemary Brown, as she believes it is Liszt, VanGogh, and others, that visit her, themselves, after death. We would explain it that, those genies had adapted to those artists/composers, and knew their unpublished works, as well as their styles. It sounds like the games such as Civilization, where you may adopt the personalities of old-times rulers/conquerors.

This is a dispute between such "bodiless spirits" believers, versus the genies-acknowledgers. Please, read the text I referred to (if you know turkish), and I may further discuss later, too.

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