Quran and the hadiths of our prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.), acknowledge the existence of genies. Therefore, muslims accept them as a reality - although they are not visible, in most cases.

The millenia-old reports about genies-attacks, do turn out to resemble what we now know to be available through patented electromagnetic technology. (It is public, registered, knowledge, since 1970s.) The genies may be interacting with our privacy, through electromagnetism, too.

This does resemble our old knowledge about genies that they are created out of "smokeless heat." The electromagenetic phenomena, are in the microwave/infrared range. And no smoke is necessary, for example, with microwave-ovens, either.

For example, if the istihare I did (Sept.(14/15,&)17,2016), is right, then genies have two modes, (1) traveling as microwaves (300KHz) and killable by interference at that frequency (like making a fully-isolated room with walls-&-doors that have (within them, like ovens) waves of that frequency, or randomly shooting waves to kill when it hits some genies), (2) in the microbe mode, they are simply like other microbes (killable by drugs such as antibiotics) and they talk at 300MHz (like other microbes, but other microbes do not understand human thoughts). The extra good thing about killing (or, at least, prohibiting their in/out travel across microwave walls) is the losses of the evil (such as the antichrist gangs) which conspire with genies, now their losing that two-mode ability of their comrades (genies freely traveling as microwaves, and also hiding inside your organism as microbes), and then, they are limited to the machines-&-waves (if their wavelengths are not blocked/interfered against) and therefore the source of their assaults may be tracked (because unlike how genies fly freely, a machine sends a wave from its source to its destination), and their implanted devices/bugs may be relatively easier to find (and removable at once, if not targeting your own genes as marker), in contrast to the difficulty of finding the genies/microbes which may shift their location at will.

The vesvese may be the, genies-whispering with SLP (as possible with USPatent 4,858,612), and/or transgressing/merging of genies is similar to soul-shots (as with USPatent 3,951,134). People with technology, meet the genies, there.


Even among those who believe genies to be "only folklore," we may find a lot of them who believe in "bodiless spirits," or the "spirits of the dead" which they believe to visit mediums. There exist reports-of-phenomena. They can be explained as genies-which-impersonate-dead-humans, the "deadroid"s.

This is different than the concept of immortality (as with shehids). The genies, or the "deadroid"s, [mostly] visit through their intrusion of humans (alive medium humans), whereas an immortal, when/if he/she visits/responds, it is in his/her own shape/body, as a human-being.

When genies attack a person, that person is a magnoon (maj-noon).

detecting & killing all evil genies (those bugging us)

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