Fancy about Nancy Ewing

I value patterns that correspond to the way I had worked through. For example, I had kept the Nancy Ewing, although her 'E' was the surname-first-letter, but all the other three were the name-first-letter. Furthermore,

The surname 'E' is looking irregular? Cow is! With the calendar we use today, among the four, cow fourth is mostly (except the last few days of December) in the other year. (For example, until [around] Mar.21, 2007 was a sheep term, but all of the rest of that sheep term was in 2006, only the cow fourth of the term was in 2007.) That is a thing about calendar mismatch with Roman calendar, but that is also the case of the cow year, of the four, that is starting the millenia. (Millenium starts with the year 2001, not 2000. There was no year "0" with the civil calendar. Geologists may have. Although the first few months is in a camel term, that is the cow fourth, and followed by the cow term. If the calendar we use were starting the year on March 21, as Roman calendar was starting, millennia would have started in a cow term, totally.) As if, the cow is the maverick who all the time is questioning the way all the others have chosen. As if we had chosen to standardize on the name-first-letter, here, the cow is asking, "why not of the surname?"

Water is expanding when freezing (less density, therefore, less weight per volume), as opposed to all other. Although that may crack bottles, that is helpful for the life under that frozen water.

seen me?

If rm_cow has first seen me in 1981-1993, that is a pattern, too. The other three fit that order, if rm_cow is also fitting, that is a pattern of this four, too, in the modulo-Quranic order, starting from the rm_camel first.

I had seen rm_sheep, and rm_camel, while rm_goat is the latest, thus, any time now, is fitting. But how about rm_cow type. For regularity of this pattern, I think, she knew/tought, and wanted to marry me. Having seen me then (in Istanbul, most likely), or a friend/relative of hers may have seen me, telling her, and she took that as her base, or she was purely fancying about her most-wantable, fantasy-man, and that was & is fitting me. Likewise, I have no one seen to point at, but I had thought a lot. Inshaellah, Nancy Ewing is those what I had wanted.

For example, the firm/serious attitude of the foreign people, who have chosen Islam.

how old is she?

25? (If born in 1981, that is including those not having had her 2007 birthday, yet. That is, not seen her 26th birthday, yet.) If 25, the pattern of ages, is that rm_cow is setting the w.r.t. mid-...ties rule. She is exactly, mid-twenties fit.

This set is also fitting a comment in the elohistic-doc-timing as summarized in encAmericana. That is, rm_sheep is the youngest, while rm_goat is the oldest. I take that as w.r.t.-her-mid...ties.

I thought/wrote this timing in 2006, but if marrying time is the stopwatch, the following (1985-born) rm_cow generation would fit. I have not thought how the two could differ in personal qualities, but for fancy, I may reflect about the sense of the timing, in that case. That is, if she is 21, then her cow-attitude is about, yes again, irregularity, not the rule-setting. While the other three, deviate from their category center, getting closer to how old I am, rm_cow is getting distant. That is, [38,52,55], [5,15,38], [35,37,38], [21,25,38]

If she is 25, she saw/thought me first, at most age 13. If she is 21, that was at most, age 8.

inferring right, without overspecifying

I may presume various patterns, upon a hint. But I am trying not to restrict without a fine pattern/cause.

Overspecifying is how a cow (totally divergent-thinker) may get stuck -- unless undoing some or all of the old built. That is resembling, buying with a fixed budget, or eat with a limited stomach. Although fancying may seem "unbounded," one may interfere with another. That is bounding.

For example, rm_sheep is fourth in age order, and her city is with the first-letter 'M' -- the fourth of AFRMZ. If rm_camel is living in a city with the first-letter 'R' (third in the order of AFRMZ, and rm_camel is third in age), then I may expect that pattern, too? If so, goat15 is in 'A...?' Is that Aachen? (A girl from Somalia, in Aachen?)

Aachen is fancy, resembling "Ach Qader!" the title of the e-mail I had sent before 20.02.2002 In Turkish, that is fitting "Ach is the qader, the fate." (Otherwise, that "ach!" was only exclamation.) The suffix "-en" is used in Turkish as a present, or present-continuous tense, or a verb-derivative adjective/noun. In Arabic, that is a/an of English. In Deutsch, noun-pluralism, & infinitive.

The doubling of A is fitting the circumflex-A, too. That is fine for fitting in the word with surnames, as how people pronounce that 5-letter word, as a 4-letter word (and that other, often-non-vocal letter, is that not fitting in Turkish & Farsi. Dropping that, both are fitting. The surname I have, 'M' as the fifth letter, is the suffix for "... of mine" in Turkish, fitting, the role-model set of mine)

Then, asserting rm_cow to live in a first-letter-'F' city, would prune other cow cases. San Francisco, Fresno, Fort Worth, Fort Mead, would fit. (San is Saint, fitting the family I look for, and not only a cow-case-story, but also there is that marine base, there.) Fort Mead is the center of NSA. All three fitting the B+C logic? (A commando, therapist, or other operation-support/direct.) The B, frightened, is not only commandoes & logistics, but therapy/support, too. Likewise, B+C.

But, as I have said, this pattern, although fantastic, is far behind, for example, from (1) the pattern of the exodus documents, and (2) seeing me first in 1980/1981-to-1993/1994, and (3) looking "as if" allocated, after that.

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