zeitgeist's thefts

The pattern of zeitgeistly theft/contagion, is not novel. The term "zeitgeist" is well-known, with examples throughout history. In lots of such co-incidences, that "geist" is probably truly some evil (humans or genies), bugging your thought, carrying knowledge of some people to others. (That is industrial-spying, at an extreme.)

For example, capacitors were inventable by two separate people living at the same time. How?

Darwin had not published his opinions, but a young man told him similar things. How?

liveroids, the zeitgeist agents

Zeitgeist is carrying the knowledge from live sources (copying back & forth, or randomly). If strictly copying from one to the other, than that is almost similar to how deadroids pretend with the know-how of (past) people.

To contrast, with deadroids, we might call a zeitgeist agent (ZA), a liveroid.

As about ibne-telepaths, you might not necessarily guess with certainty whether a particular "zeitgeist" agent (satanical type) is a ("human" species) witch or stand-alone deadroids/genies.

no leniency

Obviously, nobody has any right to be lenient to some ZA who commits theft -- or, sticks.

The lenient would count as a conspirator, if allowing input from a victim. Non-public information is obviously a subject of theft, but even public information, if seems "independently"-inventable by someone who had no opinion of the first, then that is subtracting out of the status of the first, true inventor. Thus, that is a theft, in any case. If similarity is seen, slanders the target ("plagiarism").

Furthermore, personally, I curse thought-bugs, entirely.

Thus, even in case some ZA would try to convince (most likely with only lies, but in any case), that there was no other source, not even peeking into the target's privacy, but puppetize "only" by nagging with extraneous "thoughts" of their own (through single-side SLP, or similar), that must get nothing, but punishment. Freedom of thought, comes before freedom of expression, and even freedom of life. Thus, thought-bugs are not supportable. No words have that potency.

Infinite hell is in the other world. But I vow to keep hostile, in this world, too. So far as I'm able to, I will crush any that surfaces, with all of his/her supporters. This response will hopefully suffice.

Liveroids vis-a-vis (evil) Liver-Surgeons

Mosquitoes suck people's blood. In the process, they carry some lethal illnesses to people.

While inflicting malaria, mosquito's job looks like the (evil) liver-surgeon's job -- if to replace the target liver, with an ill one. The parasites it injects, go to the liver, to multiply there, until plenty.

The case study Does the "zeitgeist" somehow endorse shooting mosquitoes with a laser? is the true story of noticing that, liveroids (zeitgeist agents) were trying to mess with the process, when I was working toward killing the (evil) liver-surgeons. That would potentially kill the project (by pulling the successful strategy toward futile paths), and/or staining me in the plagiarist category. But I was successful, and I got back on track.

For independent thinking, not to allow zeitgeistly theft, I have the flight & fight strategy.

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