Ibne Telepaths

The popular author Stephen King is known to publis his nightmare-thoughts as novels, a lot of which have been shot into movies, too. One of the most popular of those, is "Shawshank Redemption" -- a prisoner's story.

I have not read the novel, nor watched the movie, yet. This document is not about "Shawshank Redemption" itself, but unfortunately telling of the presumably-true nightmares, beyond that.

To know what that story is about, you might find lots of TV/movie guides, some with the spoilers.

One of the shocks of that story, is the homosexual (male) "sisters" gang, who assault people. You might then wonder, "what might be similar, but beyond?" How about a witch gang who bug people to achieve the same?

At the end, the victim does not even know that he/she was a victim of some (satanical) witch.

Not knowing that the source of evil was external, messes up all of the issues of guilt, repentance, risk, and freedom. You might victoriously revolt against your family, but if your true enemy bugs right into your mind, then that is exactly the opposite of freedom. Parroting what the satans lobby into your mind, is no kind of freedom. Heeding what your family was suggesting, could have kept the freedom, in such cases. Thus, a hysterical fit of "I'm free to do what " I " want." is not necessarily the freedom, unless well-thought. Ignorance is no sort of freedom, in most cases.

Less of a problem, but probably strain, is when (relatively) high people (with values) face such thoughts. People who know that satans bug people's minds, would not take that "thought" as a personal failure, but as a case of satanical assault which was kept out, successfully. The Islamic rule is that, a sin is a sin, only upon committing (by doing, or talking how satan wants you to).

ibne telepaths

In the case of a (witch) telepath gang, the "sisters" might be truly women, too.

The victim who is the target of that contagion, might not necessarily know whether the felt body in synchrony, is a woman or a (passive) homosexual. Thus, the word "ibne" is extra fitting, when labeling that telepathy (or, any witchcraft to that effect, whether through electronics or genies).

The word "ibne" (ibnetün, or el-ibneh) means a "girl" in Arabic, while in T.C., that is a label about passive-homosexual males (presumably, because of girl-like costumes and make-up of some).

why they use eBrutus (or, Baharutus)

To label the types of "sisters" who get in synchrony through witchcraft, the terms Baharutus (through occult, deadroids ("bukhayree") or any genies), and eBrutus (through electromagnetic waves), might be fitting.

Both Ebru and Bahar are female names, popular in the T.C. territory.

Julius Caesar is reported (through Shakespeare) to have said "Et tu Brutus?" ("Brutus, you too?"), when Brutus was there in the killing group. That fits to some eBrutus/Baharutus who might drop a rape pill in your drink, too. That what they commit through witchcraft, is similar, in effect.

the colony, of corruption

Worthless people, try thought-control, to turn the world into a colony. That is how they hope to govern the world.

I guess that is the antichrist's "kingdom" style.

While trying to boost their ego like that, what would not fit as such lowly people's stupid-fun? Inflicting gender or gesture changes to the victims, is presumably a "satisfying" experience of worthless "masters" who like to bug people. They get a sense of having some "control" through that colony nonesense. What would pieces of nothing hope to achieve, otherwise? (Sometimes they might lobby people's minds to grab some resources or jobs, but they would merely show their worthlessness with that, too. Thus, the major thrust is their ugliness with a secret contagion.)

Whether the contagious type was trying to inflict that gender-confusion, or was in syncrony "merely" trying to find some opportunity to tune you to have lust toward himself/herself (or, hoping some opportunity toward industrial spying, or to know your passwords, etc), is not necessarily obvious. But then, his/her presence is felt. Thus, ibne-telepaths' mess, is a subclass of abuse.

Not to mention that, they motivatedly assault you, thus if that is a sum (or, average) of two souls, they might be exerting theirs, more than yourself maintaining your own personality as normally is.

The not-so-lax people feel troubled when suddenly reflecting not-like-self thoughts/feelings.

a sex-magic link, to victim celebrities

If some ibne-telepath is/was your neihbor or classmate, you might have been a victim. But you would rarely have the popularity of celebrities (presidents of nations or big companies, hollywood/pop darlings, or a famous guru).

People seen or thought by a first-level victim, is targetable next, too. (If locatable.)

For example, Raymond Kurzweil, said that he "not only has always loved women rockers, has always wanted to be one" (wired, 02.27.01). I wonder when was the start of that "always." While student at MIT or before? Later?

Thus, that possessing "alter ego" which happens to be woman, is possibly some ibne-telepath?

Kurzweil said "But I do feel that we have other people inside of us." (That fits DriveDoubts.)

Wikipedia quote from Hofstadter, is re-inforcing the point I make. That is, these people (unlike the witch gang) are not totally stupid. The mix is the good thought with the worst -- when they do not filter out their thoughts, that is. (The compliment is Hofstadter's point. Normally, I'm not to compliment AI people, but there is a business there, in which Kurzweil is known as one of the (relatively) more successful, thus a guru of AI. Thus, suckable target, when the witch gangs want to consult, perhaps to couple their electromagnetic waves with AI bots, through some perception, to interact with people. Industrial-spying is a common pattern, in "zeitgeist" contagiousness.)

What would happen, in case that ibne-telepath would bug a woman? Wishiness about "freedom" (loseness)?

Madonna "sexiness" was spiraling from 1980s to 1990s. (With "why not?"s into her mind?) If I'm right in guessing some utility of the Tesla Watch (Puharich ELF8 regulator) against telepathy, then that relief felt by Madonna, might have been against [some portion of] bug waves/telepathy.

The baby-face spice ("Spice Girls") was chatting her "wish" to be prostitute (or, so) in interview.

The stupid-fun lobby is obviously not limited to sexual issues.

Pieces of nothing, who find a backdoor into the thoughts of valued people, try to mock/corrupt.

If you act by that urge, you might be surprising those who had known you until that time.

In contrast, for example, president Obama is quoted that, he was "strongly considering losing his cool," rather than acting that out. (Similarly, that spice was talking out what her mind was carrying, rather than going on patrolling the streets.) Like somebody lobbies into your thoughts "slap your face" but you tell that out to people "I think I should slap my face." Obama or his advisers might have been lobbied thus. You get the notion through this (probable) case study.

Such cases are plenty. Thus, worth to know the trouble pattern.

what else?

If that is genies, might they work alone, too?

Possibly. The satan is one known evil. Thus, the category surely exists.

A point in a textbook ("Abnormal Psychology", Davison & Neale), was opposing Freud's guess that paranoia is occurring when "suppressing homosexuality" because some paranoids openly state their homosexuality. So, if some have both, what percentage of paranoia is together with the homosexuality urge? That percentage might have been because of a possession of some specific genies/satans, which lobby both characteristics to their possession victims -- and/or there is a neural base of tieing the two (overlapping traits, but not necessarily all the time).

But, almost throughout history, there was witchcraft. Thus, such cases in old centuries, might have been through some Baharutus, too. The case is not knowable without pinpointing the culprits.

If left to wish, we might wish having sensors to spot genies, too.

Having principles is good. If your faith is forbidding both alcohol and homosexuality, then you might not take liberties with experimenting a "why not?" in those categories. Thought gets off.

Is witchcraft necessarily with sexuality (or, troubling with people's gender)?

Not necessarily. But some have that type of theme. O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) is known to be one such. Aleister Crowley was a past top of O.T.O., and known to have put homosexuality into O.T.O.'s sex-magic (games). That is a too-public knowledge. Thus, others might have thought copying that, too. Then, what would you expect as their effect, if/when they bug/contact a victim?

Looking into your life, through your eyes/thought, with their ugly motivations? That is ugly.

How about abuses at home? That is fitting some satans, possessing (puppetizing) the victim.

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