A witch-being is a subhuman type -- a(n evil) witch, e.g: soul-intruders, puppetizers, puppetizing-slanderers.

A witch-being is problematic, if watching. If sufficient interest/lust/hostility/envy/etc has built up, they may also [try to] intrude/possess a soul, even when the target is not around.

Thinking critically, may help. Although the witch-being may operate in synchrony, your asserting your principles, may nullify that (your spirit is your house, the thieves being the less likely to win, inshaellah). Affront against the thoughts, and sensations that you find stupid, in yourself, as people have affronted against the satan, since millenia. The bad news is that, the lowly characters of the witch-beings may show through yourself (as gestures, and words), and that is a slander against yourself. Keep firm. Talk/do after sifting. Not obeying every instinct.

I request from Allah, to send all the witch-beings to hell, quick. That would help the World.

if to punish manually

The proof-need, if to punish a witch, is important. Mostly, you would have only a series of cases, many, or all, of which converge to point at a specific suspect, or a group of suspects. The existence of other witch people in the vicinity, makes that extra hard when trying to sort out all witch assaults, case-by-case.

That is, to pinpoint who committed which offense when, is not always trivial, but the list of suspects, and the list of the offense-types may be quite solid. Such pinpointing-problems naturally occur, when the assault is so sinister/stealthy. Two points keep concrete, though,

a neurotic tail

In a brawl in highschool, I was (surprisingly) not a clear winner, and (worse?) the fought boy told I pulled his hair. Why? I fight with fists (other than intimidating/pushing, at the start). Why pull his hair, while I would kick?

The answer seems to be the same, as ten years later (Dec.1995), when tears poured from my eyes, after I had talked with a girl -- the same girl who was supporting that unpopular boy in that fight

With the word "unpopular" I tell of what she said why she was supporting him, that is, "because nobody supports him" but, I see the pattern that, that was her hostility/hased exactly against me.

To cry (& a generally tense neuroticism, not confusable with firmness, nor softness), was one of her known characteristics. In other words, how she responds to stimuli/situations, is unlike me. You may claim, all of a sudden, I became a crying-neurotic, after 26 years of all sorts of trouble? So far as I know, neuroticism is a stable personality characteristic -- other things being equal. Unlikely to "start" [transiently], so late in time, when at age 26. Therefore, I'm one of the last people (if, at all), to shed tears so stupidly. Thus, a contagion (trying possession) is assumable.

As I had gathered also other enemies at that time, I notice that, other witch-beings may have messed, too. But this does not invalidate the hair-pulling culprit, nor invalidate the tears case. That is, possession in both cases. Funny thing is that, as a victim, not knowing that the source might be a witch, I was trying to explain myself why tears were going, with absurd explanations of "stress" theorizing! Starting in 2002, I pinpointed this pattern in 2005-6, along with other cases.

And, when the patterns in the high-school cases converge either to a small target group, and/or reflecting the characteristics of that target, I may infer that, that target group may be involved, lobbying my thoughts. Normally, I am extremely firm & wise, in what I talk & do. Although I may have "seemed" free/eccentric, all of what I was, were thoroughly well-thought. Thus, when looking back to my life, even little sentences that I find "quite unlikely me" stand out. I even recall having thought, right then, that I was not meaning, and I was not valueing my words, although expressing the words. That is, I do not talk/joke maniacly/compulsively "Hey, I have thought what! It's nonsense, but let me tell that any way." For a firm character like me, that is so away, being estranged to myself.

abuser types

A high-school or university student may seem as an unlikely owner/subscriber of witch-tech (except genies), but especially, in third-world countries, people pass-along a state-owned advantage to relatives, too. e.g:

When such opportunist crooks get such an advantage through state links (or other people they serve), what would they not do? If the capability is to mess with thoughts, it means the worst has the most capabilities.

There're ways to make those state services serve the people, or be nullified.

for more info

Islamic sheikhdom (and their help against satanical sensations/thoughts), is well-known. (Beware the charlatans, though, as with any important service. Some evil, corrupt people, may act as if a sheikh.)

Now, that model of help, is valuable through electro-support (if not good old sheikhdom) against electro-witch trouble, too? Two things to notice (1) Do your secrets leak? (2) Is the "supporter" (also) contaminating (that is, not only trying to purge the evil, but changing you)?

The canonical example of a puppetizing-slanderer (& colonnialist) is the anti-christ, if you believe/obey his lies.

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