four, for marrying me

In 2002, I wrote an e-mail in response to an article, and after I opposed the stated, as not-really-conclusive, I related that to the counter-example I have, too. I was planning/hoping to have three wives, and twenty children. Therefore, an example case the article had listed, would not really entail what was suggested, any way. In her response, the author told me that, the article was not entirely [necessarily] serious, and also she reflected that I was not serious about marriage. Who? Me? I was exactly honest, and had told her the exact logic I had!

In the next e-mail I wrote to her, I mentioned the four, the first-time, and she is the first human in history, who has learned (if she read that latter e-mail), what type (of the four) she is; as I reflected, she is a goat-type.

Her response to the first e-mail was on 20.02.2002 (in the e-mail inbox, in DD.MM.YYYY order). The palindromic most 2'ful date, in history. And affine/extra for a goat (after, 1.sheep, 2.goat, ...).

While I was writing that next e-mail, I raised the quota, to four (the Islamic max). Although I may/do not need to have a quota for each type, I have reflected around these that way (I have kept ready), for Allah may have designed that already that way. Who are they? Any ready example? I had chosen only two (as I was talking to).

The goat-type, is the 20.02.2002 e-mail girl. I do not have a huge amount of information. I have reflected/rendered her as a role-model from what I have. In fact, in the 2nd e-mail, I listed the feature-list I hoped/wanted in a wife, too. If she received, and read that e-mail, she might have not responded, for she is not that way -- as an inferrable/probable reason. I am not refused, not informed, and I do not lose, at all. I request from Allah. At the end, I may have to take that as two distinct cases. That is, what I have thought after her, I may find in another, the really-imagined girl, while the 20.02.2002 indicator was the motivator for me, for reading a few that I would have not.

I do not have to buy the "saturn transit" theory, though (as I also wrote in the 2nd e-mail). Recently, as I have inferred the four, as the rhythm of time, I have the alternative, too. Exactly, that year was a cow year (the year, in the 2001-2002 range), the extra-volatile (turmoil, if not imagination).

For the fourth wife, the cow, I may only infer the attribute-list. I dub her the Nancy E-wing (as E is B+C in the American/English alphabet, and I have a reason for that arithmetic, and another reason around Turkish, too).

from Quran, for me ...

for a müslim ... After the point that, Quran is the master-text of all existence, I am fond of reflecting on what I encounter, to find out, where that may relate, in Quran. That is not ordered by Islam, but that does not hurt, either -- if the religious-aspect is not violated. A physicist, a gynecologist, etc, may find in Quran, what may relate to his/her field, and that is amply exemplified. At the end, if I really have found a yet-another miraculous pattern, in a page there, that may only get listed with those other published. (I do not think that is a religious-need, though. Therefore, I need not tell the public, if I think any of what I find, is really a private matter of any of this people.)

Do not translate that word, in Enam(6):143-144, as if "pregnant." Look up an arabic dictionary, if needing a range of thinking. Although, really, after we marry, to have twenty children, they are supposed to hold our babies in a womb, the word is meaningful, while not married, too. For example, think of people/families who have thought an ideal, and they mayfind that in me.

Or, are they "not ideal" for other people, although good for me? I respect what I respect, not what "all the people" do. e.g: I do not respect paying tax in countries which oppress their own citizenry. I even publish free-of-charge, strategies for shifting your tax out. For example, RRRR is fine.

Not to mention that, I think I have the highest moral standard, even if not the most common.

First, I had thought of the Enam(6):143-144, in view of what I had thought of me, for already a long time. That is, I am a moderate, non-moody, extremely fast-shifting type. That is, do not even attempt to "guess" me, to manage/manipulate me. Your case would determine the response I render, not what I otherwise "would" think.

e.g: Contrast that to children who try to tell bad news to their father, when he is in good mood. Or those people, who try to find bad/relaxed time to poke. I may change-and-respond immediately.

As a result, I have kept thinking of me, as the all-four type. A sheep, a goat, a camel, and a cow, immediately .

That may resemble a case I was in, when a professor told the class "How would you draw a vertical line in this (tilted) rectangle?" That was "field-dependence v. field-independence" question, as he explained, little later. The point was, though, when he questioned that, I thought the counter-question: "Vertical to what? The rectangle? Or, the board?" Am I meta-thinking?

Recently though, I have another explanation -- orthogonal to the question of what I am -- all eight, as female. The eight (four and four), in Quran, is really reflecting what I have chosen -- at least, as a role-model team. That is, I have chosen the two mild/motherly from sheep and goat, and the tough/bossy camel, and I may infer, Nancy E-wing, the cow, is forceful (& fierce?), too. At the face, people may or may not notice that, though. I may reflect

I had not told any girl, any intention of mine, really. I think/weigh, and find her unacceptable for marriage, and rate her in other status (friend, friendly-talk, not-friend, potential-enemy, etc). There is also the sisterly-friend status. I have not weighed/evaluated any sisterly-friend, even in thought, really. Time-to-time, I have labeled each girl in a class as "sisterly" (except the evil ones, that is). I do not hope Allah would list any sisterly, as marriable.

four for forever, the destiny

What I want is a reserved-for-me case. I want to find those who, after they have first noticed me, they may only [coldly] hate that when/if other men were suggested to them. That is resembling a real married, chaste female -- although, for our this-worldly marriage, we are yet to have the formalities (wedding, etc). Allocated, by Allah.

Note: To go at the edge of an abyss, to test whether you would want to jump, is not a good thing to do. "Aversion test" is not needed, and not even wanted, at all. Repulse that. Do not start that yourself, at all. The satan (if not also the wicked antichrist crew) do test people, to obsess/hurt.

researching for eternal-marriage.

Any marriage, if the married are müslim/Islamic, and the wife does not marry after her husband dies, is already eternal. That is, what I value, is a regular case, mostly. I only need to find and marry those who have chosen me.

Further Reading

What love is complete, without wrath? The wrath is not toward the loved, or the good. The wrath is toward those who try to hurt. Even Allah, who is the most merciful, is the most wrathful, too. Indeed, the way I understand, the mercy would entail the wrath, when the case is such. In a context, with not-enough information, most wrath, need to request the force, and the mediation from Allah -- the art of (rightful & merciful) wrath, for help, by cursing.

For example, although I have not told any name (whom I love/regard highly) on this page, my enemies, [may] have learned this/that/all, through e-mail (or, search) history, thought-reading, etc.

I curse impostors, charlatans, and the other (wicked) abusers. I curse the witch-beings, etc. (In what category would we consider the wicked queen, the step-mother of "Snow White" (who gave her the poisonous apple)? If that were not only a story, she would be cursed, too.)

I do not "only curse." e.g: I also talk, and publish, to fight the evil/outrageous. e.g: anti-abuse, grabs-urge, ex: Ph.D. plagiarism & ignorance, ex: low-quality, ex: laxness on torture, ex: military-blunder, abuse/ignorance, ex: newspeak, etc. I do have enemies, as such.

As the ultimate target of our wrath, we know the satan, and the antichrist, along with the other witch-beings.

am I too relaxed?

To find me, is easy. (I publish at the www, after all.) Typing Ferzen Midyat for a Yahoo! (or, other) search, is enough. Therefore I do not have to run around, I think. I walk at the pace, and with the strategies, I find wise.

DO NOT send any "last letter." Mail again, if I have not responded. (In general, I may respond to only a question, not a chat-request of a random-reader. However, if that is a friend I had already talked in the real-world, I may.)

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