Acid vs. Acid
to avoid (or, kick, or even "kill") schizophrenia out

If warmth is not enough, a fight may do.

anti-acid - threshold-avoidance

If a problem (a dormant, possibly genetic, diathesis) is triggerable by stress, appreciate warmth of a family, and friendly-people. e.g: to avoid schizophrenia.


Especially, when there may be (the precursor) "sounds," or obsessions...

An affirmer-rep, or a few, may filter&reject the (potentially) hurtful compulsions (& obsessions, etc.), too - warm to the attacked, acid against the ("worm") attack. Both schizophrenia, and heart-attacks, get triggered, with the precursor stress, very especially if there was a genetic-factor.

It is triggerable through genies, as popularly known with the name magnoon, which is a single word, that (unnecessarly) lumps two things, the precursor obsessions-compulsions which the genies can do, plus the later possibility of the triggered-schizophrenia. If to avoid the illness, a hardy-personality (a firm-forceful personality), a few friendly people (infirmaze, etc.), and a warm family, is a fighter-force, to defend against the pressure that may mount, upon genies (or, the equivalent electronic) attacks.

We may tell that, when that evil-genie is burnt, that "illness" is "killed," too. Likewise, about electronic attacks, once they get caught.

i.e: If the tension is mounting, an active way, may help, if it is only the millenia old genies-attacks, or the similar. Take it as a propaganda-war (or, other psychological-warfare). If that does help, if your daily-conduct is fine, then "the illness" is not.

Further Reading

If there is risk, it is time to infirmaze with the people who work against it - with a family- or friendship-circle (of similar, high-risk people), and with infirmaze, it is world-wide. An infirmaze-fund may deal with it.

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